Free Instagram Photo Editing Apps

Who doesn’t want their photos to be interesting and aesthetic nowadays? Before sharing a photo we took from the camera on Instagram, Free Instagram photo editing apps come to our aid. Thanks to these applications, we can design more eye-catching photos. We can give effect or beautify the photo by playing with the color settings. We can even create an aesthetic image by adding it to a completely new template. What’s more, we can even make the photo look professional.
Here, you can create great photos for free thanks to the free instagram photo editing and story editing applications that I will explain in this article.

Free Instagram Photo Editing Apps

It wouldn’t hurt anyone to fix minor mistakes before sharing the photo you like publicly. For example, you can get a simpler photo by deleting the people in the background. Or you can beautify the photo by playing with the color settings and giving effects. It is also possible to gain a more professional look by working on a ready-made template. Follow along to find out how it’s all done! Instagram photo editing apps:

1- Edit Application – Snapseed

Thanks to Snapseed, an application that I often use for Instagram photo editing, you can do great things. First of all, this app is completely free. In this way, you can use all its features. Thanks to the tools section, it allows you to control important color settings such as Light-Dark, exposure, temperature, saturation. It helps you to get a more aesthetic photo by highlighting the colors of the original photo.

2- Deleting Objects from Photo – Picsart

Picsart is undoubtedly indispensable for Instagram Photo Editing applications. This great app has many paid and free features. Thanks to the “Clone” button, which is free of these features, you can delete unnecessary details in the photo. Deleting objects from the photo made with other applications may cause corruption. However, thanks to the Clone operation of the Picsart application, you can perfectly handle the remove unwanted objects from the photo by minimizing the distortions.

3- Effect Application – Vsco

After making the necessary edits, of course, some effect is a must. We can give effects with the free settings that my vsco application provides us. Vsco helps us achieve the tonal settings we want by playing with the color and light settings. In addition, you can get vintage-looking images by using settings such as adding grain and fading.

4- Photo Sharpening App – Remini

Unfortunately, sometimes the photos we take can come out blurry. We encounter this situation especially in old or accidentally taken photos. But they are the most beautiful photos. At this point, Instagram Photo Editing Apps come to our aid. Thanks to the Remini app, we can sharpen blurry photos for free. All you have to do is download the app, upload the photo, and then watch an ad. Afterwards, it’s clear. It’s that easy.

Free Instagram Photo Editing Apps – Story Editing Apps

The beauty of Instagram Stories has started to become more popular nowadays. Most of us are not content with sharing Instagram stories as they are. Especially influencers, high followers and pages use Instagram Story Editing Applications. Because this gives a professional look.
In addition, personal accounts also use Instagram Story Editing Applications. These are the apps you need to beautify your stories while celebrating your friends’ birthdays, posting holiday photos and all special occasions. Let’s examine these applications that we will beautify our Instagram stories from Instagram Photo Editing applications.

1- Design App – Canva

First, of course, is the Canva app. This amazing app has many unique features. There is a paid and free version. Most importantly, it has unlimited features and templates. You can edit Instagram Story with these unlimited templates. It allows you to capture a professional look, especially by turning stories such as announcements and discount news into banners. As Instagram Photo Editing Applications, you can use this application not only to create stories, but also to create shares of all social media accounts.

2- Story Editing Application – Artory

Thanks to the templates it offers free of charge, Artory allows us to obtain an aesthetic appearance by adding the photos to be thrown into the story on the ready template. First choose a free template. Then add the photo you want. Customize the captions in the picture. That’s all. Moreover, it offers many more free features. The best thing is to be able to animate texts and create videos.

Thanks for reading Photo Editing Guide. You can easily make your questions, comments, suggestions and comments from the comment section below. Stay tuned for more!

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