Body safety education

Body Safety Education

Body Safety for pre-schoolers is one of the most important steps in raising children. Body safety education for children is essential. In addition, the sense of body safety that every parent should know is an indispensable part of child psychology. Privacy education is given not only for children but also for babies. We have prepared a comprehensive guide for you, dear parents, about how privacy education should be. Here you go to read.

What is The Body Safety Education?

Body safety education primarily gives babies and children the awareness of their private area. Every child should be aware of his body and learn that no one can touch it. The concept of privacy also provides this. Later, he ensures that his child grows up as a conscious individual. If the child is aware of privacy, he will not violate the bodies of others and will not tolerate the violation. He is aware of both his own privacy and the privacy of those around him. He is brought into society as a conscious individual.

For all these reasons and more, we should pay attention to the following issues, first as a conscious parent and then as a relative of a child.

Body Safety Education For Pre-Schoolers

The first steps of body safety education begin in infancy. Contrary to popular belief, babies are aware of what is going on in the outside world from their mother’s womb. For this reason, it is important to do what is necessary for privacy education in order to be a child conscious about privacy as soon as the baby is born.

Body Safety Education For Babies

One of the most important issues is changing the baby’s diaper. First of all, the baby’s diaper should never be changed in the presence of others. Only first-degree relatives can change the baby’s diaper. For example, mother, father, older sister, grandmother… Only one person should be in the room when the baby’s diaper is being changed. In terms of baby psychology, changing the baby’s diaper in everyone will cause negativities. Another factor affecting infant psychology is sleep. Read “How to make baby sleep” to learn more in detail.

Another issue is kissing babies on the lips. Kissing babies and children on the lips is extremely wrong. Even if you are a mother or father, you cannot kiss your baby on the lips. What’s more, it’s extremely common for strangers to kiss all over the baby while petting them. For this reason, as both parents and a person who loves babies, never kiss babies on the lips.

Body Safety Education For Kids

Many skills such as speaking and understanding develop in childhood. Therefore, the child gradually begins to take steps towards becoming a conscious individual. Therefore, we can negotiate with the child by talking. We can talk to him and communicate with each other. The best time to give body safety education is known as childhood.

Tell Your Child About Body Parts

First, start by explaining your child’s body parts. Emphasize that him/her body is private and that no one else can touch it. After teaching her that her whole body is special, explain that some parts are more sensitive.

For an emphasis on sensitivity, teach sensitive areas first. Then tell them that no one can see them except mom, dad and doctor. Do not undress your child in public or in places such as the pool or sea! What you say should not conflict with what you do. You can even give examples such as “we close these places in the sea, in the pool because they are sensitive places that no one should see” to give an example to the child. Also tell him/her that she should not take pictures of these parts of him/her body and send them to anyone.

Body Safety Education At Home

Another important part of body safety education is the behavior of parents at home. Conscious parents know how to behave at home. It is not enough to explain the concept of body safety to children alone. In daily life, you should act in a way that confirms what you are telling. In this way, you can gain practical privacy and the concept of a private zone. I have compiled some essential steps about these for you.

  • Your child should not enter the room while you are getting dressed.
  • Door knocking should be taught at a young age.
  • Your child should not see you naked at home.
  • Close the door while potty training or using the toilet.
  • Do not joke between each other over the genitals.
  • If possible, no one other than the mother should change the diaper of the child.
  • If the father is going to take a bath, especially the girl, she must have underwear.
  • Do not sit your child on the lap of relatives or foreign guests.
  • If your child does not want to be touched or loved, do not insist and do not make them.
  • Do not kiss your child on the lips and do not allow them to be kissed on the lips.
  • Thanks to these important behaviors, your child learns to protect his/her own body. He/She also does not engage in violations of someone else’s body.
  • As a result, body safety education is given not only by telling, but best of all, by including it in daily life. If you raise your child by paying attention to a few important issues from a young age, you will be a conscious parent. Not only the owners of children or babies, but also every individual with a child or baby should know these behaviors. The psychology of children, who are our future, education of good manners and being conscious individuals also improve the society. Stay well.
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