how to make baby sleep

How to Make Baby Sleep

The question of how to put a sleeping baby to sleep is a question that almost all parents wonder about. Babies often need sleep during their development, growth, and growth phases. For this reason, they often sleep during the day. However, in some cases, babies do not sleep in the time intervals they should sleep. However, it is very difficult for babies to fall asleep when they are cranky. This can lead to negative situations for both parents and sleepless nights.

So, how can a sleeping baby be put to sleep? What should be done to put grumpy babies to sleep? You can continue reading our article to find the answers to all these questions and more. Here are the methods you can choose to put babies who don’t sleep to sleep;

Do’s and Don’ts for Putting Baby to Sleep

Do not shake the baby to sleep! The baby who is constantly rocking on the feet does not fall asleep. He just sighs from shaking and falls asleep like a faint. This is extremely unhealthy. Moreover, as time progresses, this becomes a habit, and when the baby reaches childhood, he cannot sleep without shaking. For this reason, it is a very wrong behavior to shake a baby standing up. Experts think that rocking a standing baby is wrong. Instead, the most important thing you should do is hug and pat your baby on the back for a while.

Another thing that should not be done while the baby is sleeping is not to check the baby’s belly and bottom. Many parents make this mistake when putting their baby to sleep. Checking that baby’s bottom is clean and tummy is full before it’s time to sleep provides good preparation for falling asleep.

How to Make Baby Sleep At Night

  1. Make your baby feel like in the womb.
  2. Provide a safe environment for sleep with the help of a blanket.
  3. Let baby smell the mother.
  4. Make sure you relax with a massage.
  5. Take a warm bath.
  6. Regulate the amount of light in the room.
  7. Check his belly and diaper.
  8. Do not shake.
  9. Provide regular sleep.

Make Your Baby Feel Like In The Womb

Babies lived in the womb for 9 months. Babies who are born want to feel safe and comfortable as they are in the womb. It is very easy to achieve this. Babies in the womb slept within a boundary. They only had a limited space to move around. For this reason, before you put your baby to sleep, all you need is a towel or cover to make baby feel like he is in the womb.

  1. First, get an adequately sized cotton baby blanket or soft towel.
  2. Then roll this cover from the corner to form a long cylinder.
  3. Then, lay this long roller on your baby’s back with your baby lying on its side.
  4. Then pass it between the legs, not too tight.
  5. Or, you can create various sleeping styles by changing the baby’s position and leaning the roller cover against him.

That’s it! Babies feel safe when they are inside a boundary, just as they do in the womb. This helps babies fall asleep. Before falling asleep, the baby feels safer and more peaceful if he smells his mother’s scent. Therefore, after wrapping your baby, lie next to him and hug him lightly so that he can smell your scent. In this way, it will be easier for the baby who does not sleep to fall asleep.

Putting the Baby to Sleep with Massage

It is always beneficial to put a sleeping baby to sleep by massaging. Babies get cranky sometimes. This moodiness can also occur due to pain in their body or various problems. While massaging babies in a short time, it also allows them to fall asleep in a much shorter time. However, massage is the first method you can choose to relieve aches and pains in babies. When massaging the baby, use oils such as almond, chamomile or lavender, and you can also choose baby oil.

Massage is very beneficial for babies, just as it is for adults. Massage allows your baby’s muscles to relax. Thus, the baby’s muscles relax and the process of falling asleep becomes easier. The oils used during the massage have softening and mashing properties. In addition, oils such as lavender contribute to the secretion of sleep hormones thanks to their scent. For this reason, one of the best answers to the question of how to put a sleeping baby to sleep is to put the sleeping baby to sleep by massaging.

Baby Might Be Hungry

Don’t forget to feed your baby. There are many reasons why babies do not sleep. One of them is the baby’s stomach ache. A hungry baby has trouble falling asleep. For this reason, the baby should be fed with formula or breast milk. Babies who are fed and fed fall asleep much more easily.

Putting the Baby to Sleep with a Warm Bath

Do not forget to take a warm bath. Babies who do not sleep or are cranky often cry when they cannot sleep. A warm bath is among the preferred ways of silencing the crying, that is, the baby can sleep. By giving your grumpy and crying baby a warm bath, you can help him fall asleep in a much shorter time. For a peaceful sleep, taking a bath is always beneficial.

Adjusting the Light Ratio in the Room

One of the answers to the question of how to put a sleeping baby to sleep is to adjust the light ratio in the room. In very bright rooms, it is difficult for babies to adapt just like adults. For this reason, the light measure and dark level in the room should be adjusted. You can put your baby to sleep more easily in rooms that are not too dark but not too bright.

Putting the Baby to Sleep by Reading a Book or Fairy Tale

Babies benefit from various activities while falling asleep in the following periods. At the beginning of these is reading fairy tales or books. Telling fairy tales and reading books allow the baby to fall asleep in a much shorter time and to be fully interested in you. In this way, it is possible to put your baby to sleep in a much shorter time. In addition, listening to a variety of soft music will help your babies fall asleep faster.

Provide Your Baby with a Sleep Pattern

Sleeping schedule is very important! Like every human being, babies also have a certain sleep pattern. Disruption of this sleep pattern causes babies to become cranky and have difficulty falling asleep. For this reason, sleep pattern is extremely important. In order to ensure a sleep pattern, you need to check that you put your baby to sleep at the same time intervals every day. Putting your baby to sleep in the same way and at the same time intervals on other days allows you to create an order.

How to put a sleeping baby to sleep? There are many answers to your question. But for babies who are cranky, crying, and have trouble falling asleep, you can follow the steps above. You know your baby best and you can give them different habits to sleep. There are YouTube videos made by experts on this subject. You can get more comprehensive information by watching them.

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